Multi-Grammy Nominee, Kim Stone, has promotional video and two new songs streaming on ANewBrainForArnie.com

Kim Stone’s new project, A New Brain For Arnie, has the multi-Grammy Nominee collaborating live, onstage with a seasoned group of musicians, including Michael Reese (guitar), Bryant C. Jones (keys), Dewey Steele (drums), and Wayne Hammerstadt (guitar). The band’s debut CD, Nobody Ever Wins The Giant Panda, was released in November, 2009, and features music created and recorded 100% in the moment. Performing to sold-out venues in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, Colorado, for five years, A New Brain For Arnie is ready to showcase their 100% improvisational style with a regional tour beginning in the state of Colorado, with future tours to include the northwest and southwest areas of the U.S., and beyond. They are already fielding requests for shows in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI.

Says the band’s manager, Gen Cole, “A New Brain For Arnie combines the creative dynamics of jazz with the sensibilities of rock...pushing the envelope on what is often labeled jam rock or jamband.” An engaging, often humorous live interview with Kim Stone, the band’s founder, by Walt 'Mr. G' Gnu of 91.7 FM WSUM, Madison, WI, is presented here...

Colorado-based writer and photographer, Butch Leitz, describes the band in a recent show review… “Their sound is like this: throw the incessant drive and quirkiness of Weather Report’s Birdland together with a little lighthearted hoedown country rock from Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken, squeeze out some of Frank Zappa’s trippier backgrounds and wall-of-sound psychedelica with rapid-fire guitar arpeggios, jam on a little Duane Allman overlaying some funked out James Brown groove and break it down with reggae accents and you have an idea of what can go down.” (The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO)

A promotional video and two new compositions from the group’s debut CD are streaming on http://www.anewbrainforarnie.com.

Wed 9/8/2010 9:45 AM