PGroove's Amberland 2004 Flashback!

Perpetual Groove's Amberland 2009, being held May 22nd - 24th in Lafayette, GA, promises to be an incredible festival.  But what was Amberland like just five years ago?  I sifted through a bunch of photos I took at Amberland V, Saturday afternoon, May 29, 2004, and created this video slideshow for all those wanting to take a quick flashback in time...  to a more quaint, private time with PGroove.  This journey back in time also includes PGroove's 420 show at Variety Playhouse, hosted by HEAD DJ & Jam Guru, Jeff Dunham, of the now defunct Z93 Classic Rock Station in Atlanta, GA. 
by Gen Cole
Next Stop: WAKARUSA, June 4-6, 2009.
Mon 4/27/2009 9:24 AM