Canopy Club Halloween Bash - This Friday!

           If last year’s Halloween show at Canopy Club was any indication of the excitement Midwestern music can create this town on the spookiest of nights, this year’s concert should be out of control. With four great bands from the great state of Illinois, two stages, and an abundance of scary/sexy costumes, there won’t be a dull moment. Family Groove Company will be returning to play All Hallow’s Eve in Urbana for the second straight year, and added to the bill is Cornmeal, last years Jammy Award winners for best up-and-coming jam artist. Both artists have a dedicated following and are coming off an exciting summer, featuring multiple sets from each group at Summer Camp Music Festival 2008.


            If those two nationally famous bands aren’t enough to get your feet moving, then maybe the local acts playing Canopy Club’s intimate Void Room between sets can convince you to strap on your dancing shoes underneath your floor-length cape. Kicking things off is the recently transplanted band, Jobu. The band recently decided to make the move from Carbondale to Chambana for more live show opportunities and exposure. Don’t be late because their fresh blend of rock, reggae, and jam music is more than just the sum of their parts. Jobu can energize the crowd even during their chillest reggae sections and can hold a solid groove even during their wildest jams.


            Between FGC and Cornmeal sets in the main room, step out into the Void Room to catch Zmick. If you haven’t tipped your cap to Zmick yet, well what are you waiting for? In unprecedented efforts to breathe life into the music scene, the past year and a half has been filled with Monday Night Jam sessions, bringing numerous not-so-local bands to Chambana’s attention. Zmick has introduced artists like Jaik Willis, Brainchild, Herbert Wiser Band and Bill Smith to the CU. Although these musicians call other Illinois towns home, the camaraderie among these bands from playing the weekly Monday Night Miracles can only be great for the music scene in the long run. Zmick will be playing a couple covers and gooey jams – full of their original progressive style and affinity for long jams. Also, be on the lookout for keyboardist Mike Donato, heavy favorite to win best costume this year.


            After Jobu, but before Zmick, Family Groove Company will be reprising their appearance last year on Halloween. Being world-class musicians, they are never afraid to spice things up a bit. One year ago they donned silly glasses and boas to recreate the music of Elton John. Yet again this year, they plan on taking you on a trip down Nostalgia Avenue with a set featuring music from the movie that became an 80s classic, Top Gun. Unfortunately if you’re a fan of bassist Janis Wallin’s surgical precision while slapping and popping funky grooves, you may be disappointed to hear her pounding away on those heavy eight note runs, typical of music from the 80s. Either way, it should be an exciting ride into the “Danger Zone.”


            Last but certainly not least, right after Zmick’s set in the Void Room, head back into the main stage area to catch Cornmeal. What the band intends to play for their set remains a bit of a mystery. However, what is certain is that two weekends ago in Peoria, the band played a Halloween show as The Doors. As intriguing as it would be for a bluegrass band with no keyboard player (they do have Ally Kral on fiddle) to cover a psychedelic rock band that goes heavy on the keys like The Doors, people would certainly not be disappointed to hear one of their original sets. Cornmeal plays their music straight from the heart, and their arrangements of traditional bluegrass songs and their original works are filled with powerful vocal harmonies. If Cornmeal decides to dress up as the famous L.A. band and sex-God Jim Morrison, you can be sure that it will be a helluva show.


            This show takes place on Halloween, Friday, October 31st, 2008. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. (They can be bought in advance at Family Pride convenience store at Oregon & Goodwin in Urbana.) Wear your costumes and dancing shoes!

Tentative Schedule:

  • 7:30-8:30 Jobu
  • 9-10 Zmick
  • 10:15-11:15 Family Groove
  • 11:30- ?? Cornmeal!
Wed 10/29/2008 6:08 PM