Incubus at the Greek

My good buddy invited me out to Berkeley's Greek Theatre last night to check out the band Incubus. I'd never really heard them (or of them) too much before, so I was flying a bit blind. I knew they had a radio hit and clearly some level of success since they were playing the Greek on a Saturday night, but I wasn't quite prepared for what I'd experience.

The crowd was packed in early getting a good seat, even before the 8pm opener came on. They were decent, and kept repeating their name which I've since forgotten (Simon Dawes)

When Incubus came out the crowd erupted, and proceeded to chant along with each tune as it pounded it's way through the sold out natural amphitheater.

The music was multi-dimensional, tight, driving, ferocious and strangely appealing. The light show was fantastic and the vibe in the audience was electric. Crowd sways, mosh-pits and surfers provided ample visual entertainment as the band weaved through its repertoire over the course of an hour and 1/2 or so.

It was a great rocking evening out at the Greek exploring some new music outside my comfort zone and hanging with a new crowd.

While my horizons have been widened,  I'm still looking forward to next week's String Cheese Incident, Sector 9, Disco Biscuits show ;)

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Your review gave me goosebumps. Incubus has been there for years as the anthem of my life (one of many, many). A lyrically beautiful band.