Tea Leaf Green in Fairfax -- 3 is the Magic Number

When Tea Leaf Green announced they were playing a 3 night run at the intitimate 19 Broadway club in Fairfax, CA during the Summer Solstace, one word immediately popped into my head: "epic"

Fairfax is a little hippie town just west of San Rafael in Marin County, CA. It's just far enough out there that you have to want to go there, and is all that stands between you and the San Geronimo Valley just over the western hills which is home to such heady places as the Spirit Rock Zen Center, San Geronimo Culture Center and Point Reyes Station.

Downtown Fairfax is a bustling little community hub complete with several cafes, Good Earth organic grocery and The Scoop - the best little ice cream shop in the world.

The buzz of the three nights was palpabale even before arriving at the club. The growth in Tea Leaf's fanbase over the past few years due mainly in part to their increased ferocity of playing along with a steady regiment of better bookings has landed them on the frontal lobes of most fans of the extended jam. Having been a fan for the past 6 years, I immediately knew that these shows were not to be missed.

As it turns out, this band knows how to deliver. Each night built upon the next, and underneath all of the triumphant musical shreading, lytical genius and general celebretory glory rock, there was a theme.

The first night - Travelling. Songs of long nights on the road, non-stop touring and the feeling of hitting the east coast, turning around heading west. Opening with their original song "California" from their first album and encoring with The Band's "Ophelia" seemed all too appropriate. The evening featured some wonderful renditions of Ride Together, Hot Dog > Earth and Sky, and a rare No Blanket (It's only when I'm headed West, when I'm broken down in need of rest...)

Night two began with another song from their first album, "Steal Your Imagination", a song about a girl, once again setting the tone for the night two - this time about Love. Blazing through some classic numbers like Freedom ('don't you patronize me'), and Pretty Jane, the band showed off a softer more emotional side, while still possessing the gurth-like energy to raise fists to the next level. The second set ended with the triumphant Sex in the 70s and encored with the beautiful Don't Let It Down before launching into the next tribute to The Band, "Don't You Do It"

Speaking with keyboardist Trevor Garrod about the natural evolution of the music over the past two nights, he acknowledged that he tends to write songs about one of three themes. Travelling, Love, and .... partying.

So, it would be that night 3 began with yet another song from their first album, "Crackers and Cheese". This night would leave everything out there, blowing the roof off the place and keeping the audience screaming for more.

The run capped off with an enormous Planet of Green Love followed by the classic rock anthem Truck Stop Sally.

Up On Cripple Creek kept everyone singing along as the band put a historic three night run in the books and made it clear to everyone that they're capable of taking it to the next level, and beyond...

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A better review of the run could not have been written. Your description of the setting and songs come from a deep connection to both the Marin County area and the Trevor Garrod Songbook, and your love for both is perfectly conveyed through these words. Nice job.

'We're all still in love with California.'

Chris O'B