moe. w/Cornmeal – January 26, 2008 – The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

I spent much of Saturday recovering from my fantastic Friday night. Around 6:15, Jana, Mike & I climbed into my Blazer for the ride North to the Rave. I had 2 tix & Jana got some 'free ticket with 2 drinks' coupons, so we were set! We arrived about 10 minutes before Cornmeal began, & the place was packed. I mean really packed: shoulder-to-shoulder, belly-to-back packed! Cornmeal put on a great show. Allie is just amazing on that fiddle of hers! The lineup was Chris Gangi, Allie Kral, Kris Nowak, J.P. Nowak &  Wavy Dave Burlingame. Interestingly, Kris, J.P. & Wavy Dave all play with Terrapin Flyer, too.

Cornmeal Setlist:
Hasten Jason
River Gap
Rain Your Light
Hillbilly Ride

Then of course there was the band change. I walked around talking with people & having a couple more cold ones before finding a Chuck-side spot for moe. It was even more packed and the energy level was super high!

Set I:
Captain America >
Sticks and Stones >
Waiting for the Punchline*
McBain >

* w/ Allie Kral on fiddle
1st time played

An energetic Captain America started their set off with a bang, then segued into a nice Sticks & Stones. Allie came on stage for a rousing WFTP followed by the live debut of September. The song was OK, but was a bit of a downer and kind of disrupted the flow a bit. Then Allie left & the guys played a nice McBain>Lazarus for a nice finish to a tasty first set. I wandered a bit at setbreak, then came back, this time Al-side, for the second set.

Set II:
Bearsong >
Runaway Overlude >
Zed Naught Z (ZOZ)
Brent Black^ >
Drums >
The Road >
Brent Black

^ w/ "Runnin' with the Devil" (Van Halen) tease by Chuck

Rob cranked out a thundering Bearsong, then into a nice Runaway Overlude before moving into Zed Naught Z. ZOZ is a great instrumental piece with a strong Zappa feeling. Great song that I think will take a prominent position in future shows. Brent Black moved into a sweet Drum segment before erupting into a rousing Kids. The band stopped for a moment before playing The Road, then a sick Brent Black finish to end the set. Very nice!

Raise A Glass*
Plane Crash

* w/ Allie Kral on fiddle

Once again it was nice to have Allie out there for Raise A Glass. I love Plane Crash, and moe. played it hard & well. I left the show feeling very satisfied, although also very tired. It was a great 3 show 'mini-tour' – I think I got my moe.fix for a bit. Can't wait till SummerCamp!!!

Mon 2/18/2008 7:05 AM