The BIG WU and FAT MAW ROONEY rockin' the fox valley!

If you've never been to the valley, you really need to come and visit! 
Here are just a FEW reasons why:

  • The community is amazing. 
  • The people are friendly! 
  • The venues are perfect for live music events!
  • You and 3 friends can stay a night at a hotel for less than $100!  (and shuttle service to event)
  • The parking is NOT impossible and usually free.
  • You can see 3 bands for less than $15.00!
  • And... a bottle of beer is usually under $3.00!

Who's Played There Before?:  (and there's been more... these are just some) The Willie Waldman Project featuring Steve Molitz, Mark Grundhoefer, Tony Austin and Ryan on bass; Stealin' Strings; The Feelin'; Down Lo; Hyentyte; Little Marsh Overflow; Pert' Near Sandstone; Dangergrass; White Iron Band; Heatbox; Elf Lettuce; Moon Boot Posse; Enchanted Ape; Kinetix; Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank; Too Many Banjos; Ra Fury; Deploi; Roster McCabe
Who's From There?: (and, again, there are more... here are just a few) Greg Waters; The Cool Waters Band; Ifdakar; The Wandering Foolz; Greyleaf; Phil Immerfall and Friends; Phocus; Fat Book; Sly Joe and the Smooth Operators; UNITY; The Blueheels; The Bar Tab Band; The Grizbees; Steve Millar; Past Blue Rhythm
Who's Coming There?: (and this is just in the next few weeks....) The Big Wu; Fat Maw Rooney; EOTO featuring Steve Molitz with special guest Willie Waldman; Heatbox; Greg Waters and the Broad Street Boogie; The Wandering Foolz; The Breakfast
Where Can I Find Out What's Going On?:  Here are some sites that will let you know what's going on for live music/ events in the Fox Valley:
What's the Bottom Line:  Come spend LESS and have MORE fun than you would've ever thought!  Just cuz' we're not a big metropolis doesn't mean we don't bring ROCKIN' music and events!  When you're looking for a get-away, you don't have to look very far... just look in the RIGHT place!
We'll be seeing you soon!

Fri 5/15/2009 11:22 AM