Officers arrested 14 individuals throughout the weekend of Disco Biscuit shows in Northampton. Five nitrous oxide tanks were confiscated as well as a myriad of drugs. Fans were escorted out of the venue to the hospital as well for overdosing according to the Massachusetts local news. Balloons filled with nitrous oxide were being sold for five dollars while other drugs were being sold on the streets as well. Officers tracked down tanks by following fans to the location of the sale as well as showing up to reported disturbance complaints. The Massachusetts Local News reports that all arrested individuals are from outside the Northampton area.

Creating electronic music in a party atmosphere, jamming out and even playing songs backwards is just part of what the Disco Biscuits are about. The Disco Biscuits are one of the remaining jam bands left in the game that still has a rabid following. Fans gather from all over to search this band out and dance to the heavy electronic grooves. Since the music creates such a rave/party atmosphere, the scene that appears at concerts always has a strong interest in drugs and expanding on their good times.

Our Take: The Disco Biscuits are without a doubt one of the bigger party bands out there. Fans eat up their electronic tunes while munching out on all sorts of drugs. I’ve seen people removed from Bisco shows myself due to drug overdoses. The band seems to provide an environment that compliments drug use.

Tue 1/20/2009 7:14 PM