All Good Festival 2010

OMG I had SUCH a blast!!! It was so awesome to finally see Railroad Earth, Furthur and Panic were of course amazing, Tea Leaf Green was superb, Yonder was SO much fun, I'd never heard The New Mastersounds and they were great, and Bassnectar was a trip. Actually, Bassnectar might be the highlight for me (my Friday night in general was really just so, so good. I cannot express.). I was just in a really really good place during their set and met some great people in the crowd. This is probably nothing new to festival veterans, but people in the crowd would pick up bundles of glowsticks from the ground and hold them and trance out to the music and when the music hit a climax, they would throw them into the air, so every time the music climaxed, there was an explosion/rainfall of neon lights all around and it was like the entire crowd itself was a visualizer. Shit was insane.

Only problems I had with the fest was the disorganization of parking and the security to get to the stage area. After I parked, not thirty seconds later I was utterly locked in by cars and tents about ten rows deep. I had to leave early on Sunday, but that just didn't happen because we were so locked in. The security was really uneven. At some times they'd just let people walk through carrying anything, other times they'd have us empty all our pockets, search every pocket of any bags we were carrying, and frisk us up and down, other times they'd stop you from bringing in alcohol (stated policy), and one time a security person told us we couldn't bring in sealed Red Bull or soda because the cans would "cut barefoot hippie feet." Bullshit.

But still, All Good was a freaking amazing time! And my theory stands that even if you go alone to a festival, you never end up alone. After Dark Star on Thursday, I went back to my car (which was about a 1.5 miles from the stage... quite a hike! The walking plus the distance from vendors made me lose about six pounds this weekend) and met my neighbors, a couple and two coworkers from VA and MD, and ended up spending pretty much all waking hours with them! Festival people are the shit.

Regarding nitrous, I never actually saw a single balloon or can or anything! And I really didn't see much shadyness at all. Only problem I had with people was one very fucked up guy who couldn't even tell me what he was on doing some combination of hitting on me and desperately groveling at my feet. A nice couple in the crowd helped me lose him when it got too annoying. Of course, that's just one person, and not at all representative of festival or All Good people.

This weekend made a lot of us realize just how much we use the phrase "all good" in colloquial language.

A+ weekend.
Wed 7/28/2010 3:08 PM