I am and always will be a Phish Phan. I devoted my last 2 years of college to writing my honors thesis about Phish! My fondest memories of Phish are Camp Oswego, New Years 98-99, Everglades, & the Coventry show. Although I could have done without the long hike to the final Phish show in Vermont, when they annouced on the radio to turn around and go home because no more cars were being let in. Flying from Colorado to sit in traffic for 48 hours. We were way to close to give up. Then took what I could carry in my backpack and hiked about 10 miles into the venue. It was all worth it to see the FINAL show. These are memories that will last forever and to relive those days by putting a Live Phish CD in the stereo is always a great feeling.

I could go on and on.. But will keep the memories going by seeing more live jam band music!

Sun 11/25/2007 5:38 PM