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The power of music to unite people never ceases to amaze us.
It happens again and again in this high festival season, where strangers congregate in dirt fields and along grassy hillsides, building temporary cities that buzz and glow with a life far different than our existence at home, where work and responsibilities dictate our steps. During these brief, heady oases, we fall asleep to peals of mad laughter and wake to song. As a citizen of these RV and tent strewn shantytowns, we share our bacon with our neighbors and raise a glass with our heroes, the line between audience and performer blurrier by the day as one revels in our shared humanity and the abiding understanding that music is perhaps THE great common ground – a space where we all grasp at knowledge and comfort, celebrating love and bemoaning its lack, rising and falling along melodies and spiky solos, happy to be in such good company and quietly longing for things to always be as they are as we stumble arm-in-arm into a new sunrise with our chums. Like y'all, JamBase knows such beauty and delight is too dear, too intense, too sweet to fill every day, and perhaps all the more precious because of its ephemeral nature. It's important to relish that these days exist at all in this often hard, hard world, and we are loving this summer and all the fine folks we're meeting out there on the trail. We hope you're having the musical season of your lives - right here, right now - as you move forward buoyed by great music and the wonderful people who make it.

An homage to our long-time Editor, Dennis Cook, author of this touching intro and lots of the content you've enjoyed on JamBase for over 10 years... We'll miss you, Dennis! - The Entire Team at JB
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Travelin' McCourys
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The Tallest Man on Earth
Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, better known around these parts as The Tallest Man On Earth, has been growing by leaps and bounds with each record he puts out. The brand new album, "There's No Leaving Now" is yet another signpost on his journey, and this raw talent is showing no signs of slowing down. He's got a slew of dates scheduled over the next few weeks, including appearances at Newport Folk Festival and Lollapalooza. Believe the hype. This is one artist we'll be talking about for years to come.

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The Decemberists The Bridge Charlie Hunter
Quilt Dirty Projectors Andrew Bird
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As the conductor of Everyone Orchestra, Butler is the ringmaster, the leaping, dry erase board scribbling, living enzyme that catalyzes something unique every time an EO gathers.

By: Dennis Cook

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Dirty Projectors
Swing Lo Magellan
Pacific Standard Time
Beachwood Sparks
The Tarnished Gold
Mixed Emotions
Sweet Heart Sweet Light
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