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    The Grammy Award winning guitarist/vocalist's first-ever live recording! 12 electrifying performances of his best-known songs pumped up to an in precedented level of intensity. Don't miss the passion and energy that is Jonny Lang!

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    Jonny Lang Tour Dates:
    May 1 • Harrah's • Stateline, NV
    May 22 • House Of Blues • Lake Buena Vista, FL
    May 23 • Parker Playhouse • Fort Lauderdale, FL
    June 3 • Humphrey's • San Diego, CA
    June 4 • Silverton Casino • Las Vegas, NV
    June 5 • House Of Blues • Anaheim, CA
    June 12 • Tougher Than Hell & Guts Church • Tulsa, OK
    June 18 • Montalvo Arts Center • Saratoga, CA
    June 19 • House Of Blues • West Hollywood, CA
    July 15 • House Of Blues • Cleveland, OH
    July 16 • House Of Blues • Chicago, IL
    August 9 • Birchmere • Alexandria, VA
    August 27 • Atlanta Botanical Gardens • Atlanta, GA

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    If the blues is all about the crossroads, Jonny Lang is standing in the right place. A decade into the new century, Lang is the ideal representative of a new and innovative generation of blues artists – one who respects and reveres the traditions of the past hundred-plus years, yet isn’t afraid to embrace more complex and evolved genres and graft them to the blues foundation to create a hybrid sound that is both traditional and fresh at the same time.

    Indeed, on any given night, sweat-drenched crowds at a Jonny Lang performance are likely to hear shades of R&B, soul, gospel, hard rock, funk and more. All of it is packaged in a high-octane guitar-and-vocal attack from an artist who has covered countless miles since his teenage years, and continues to explore new horizons with unbridled enthusiasm.

    Concord Records captures that energy and enthusiasm with the April 20, 2010, release of Live at the Ryman, a recording that provides a snapshot of Lang in his natural element – onstage in front of an electrified audience, celebrating the past and heralding the future of the blues. Recorded in August 2008 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, Live at the Ryman is his first album since 2006’s Turn Around, which earned him a Grammy® Award for Best Gospel Album. Lang’s first ever live album showcases twelve tracks from Lang’s previous studio albums and pumps them up to an unprecedented level of intensity.

    “We’ve played the Ryman several times,” says Lang, “and every time we do it, it’s just a very special experience. It’s one of those magical places where you can’t help but be inspired. I think a lot of that magic and inspiration makes its way onto this recording. It’s a collection of some of the best songs from our studio recordings – only more energized, thanks to a great group of musicians and a very receptive live audience.”

    Backing Lang on the Ryman set is the capable team of guitarist/vocalist Sonny Thompson, keyboardist Tommy Barbarella, bassist Jim Anton, drummer Barry Alexander and percussionist/vocalist Jason Eskridge. “There are quite a few spontaneous, improvised moments on this album,” says Lang. “Having incredible musicians with you – people who know when to play and when to hold back, and know how to be professionals in every sense of the word – that’s a big part of what makes this album work.”

    The guitarist out in front of this team is just as incredible, and his trajectory over the past two decades has been fascinating to watch. He was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota, and to the best of his knowledge, his was the only farm family in rural North Dakota whose parents would have Motown records playing in the house on any given day.

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