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camp zoe got raided
11/16/2010 03:33 PM


This could happen to your festival if we don't stand up for our civel rights.

Dear friends and family of Camp Zoe. We are sad to report the federal government is apparently attempting to shut down Camp Zoe. They raided the campground on Monday, November 1, 2010 around 7:30 a.m.. They had a search warrant looking for gate revenue from the Spookstock 9 (Oct. 29+30) festival weekend and any financial records. They came in with 70+ officers from the IRS, DEA, Homeland Security, Highway patrol, and local & regional police officers. They confiscated gate receipt money from the weekend that was not already deposited in the bank. They also confiscated some computers and some paperwork from the file cabinets in the offices onsite. One patron was arrested for previous warrants unrelated to Camp Zoe. The same day the DEA seized all the money in the Camp Zoe bank account - which included most of the gate receipts for the Spookstock 9 weekend. This money was to be used to pay staff, artists, security, production (lights & sound), trash pickup, etc. for the festival weekend. It was also to be used for the basic bills for Camp Zoe to get the business through the winter - mortgage, electric, insurance, phones, advertising, staff, etc. On November 8 they also filed an application to seize the Camp Zoe property. No arrest warrants have yet been issued for any of the Camp Zoe staff or owners. All of us at Camp Zoe are doing everything we can to prevent the land seizure and to get the money back they took from the business. We have hired a team of attorneys to represent us on all these matters. Many of you have already reached out to offer financial help as well as moral support. We do really appreciate it. There has been another account set up to collect donations to help pay for attorney fees and basic bills for Camp Zoe while all of this gets sorted out. Our goal is to prove our innocence and to stay in business. Please send donations to :


11/19/2010 10:22 AM

This is soooo cool!

Bert Piraino:

Rolling Stone has agreed to do a full expose on the Camp Zoe raid and forfeiture. Anyone who has pictures, I will need to obtain copies as well as a release to possibly use them in a feature. Please e-mail me: bert@osagecreeklive.com

11/27/2010 06:52 PM

this is really messed up the government is doing this. ive never been to camp zoe but would love to get out there someday. it looks like an amazing venue and i wish the best for it!!

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