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super jams at 3 day festival open air event with camping / glamping !
6/8/2008 09:41 AM

8/30/2008 - 9/1/2008 Guitar Maters Earth Jam World Tour 2008

Strausstown, PA: Pat Garrett Amphitheatre

Info: 3 day open air camping event with jam bands non stop for 72 hours straight !

Artists: pete seeger - rick derringer - deodato group Festival Mandatory Rules for Entire 3 Day Open Air Event ! Please Scroll Down This Page And Read It Completely For Understanding and Commitment . R - U - Glamping ? Glamping Overnight Sensations at this spirit filled 3 Day Jamboree... This complete 3 Day Camping Extravaganza is only for those V . I . P . www.song3.com members that are seeking to become advanced reservation package holders. All camping packages with us requires that you purchase Your specific and detailed accommodation plan with us for this event at There is now only limited space and everything is being handled on a first come first serve basis. You will be provided with two choices for reserving premium comfortable space and time at this ONLY EVENT !!! Please make Your order to be apart of history ! www.song3.com for all details about this 3 day superb experience to enhance the spirit !

Festival Website: http://www.song3.com

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