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Forecastle 2013
6/4/2013 09:36 PM


I'm going to Forecastle on Saturday and SCI late night. I look forward to Alabama Shakes (nev heard of them but my cuz told me they were good). Mainly I want to see the Flaming Lips' new stage act for their new album, hopefully I'll catch some of Black Keys' set before I head over to the Palace theater. I booked a room at Ramada downtown the other day and I got my tickets. If your interested in hanging at the fest or need a ride and you are an interesting person(s) let link up. Also, I got an extra for SCI.

6/6/2013 01:58 PM

Hey whats up im coming from chicago for the whole weekend with my body and his gf. We are huge cheese fans thats one of the main reasons were going to forecastle. They already got their late night tix, but i still need one so maybe you could hook me. We havent got our hotel yet but maybe we can chill on saturday. Hit me back my name is Tyler.

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