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Summer's Coming and the Time is Right

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Check out the awsome lineup at SummerCamp
4/2/2008 12:20 PM

I am part of the Summer Camp Street Team. I'm really excited for this one because it is smaller and has a great lineup. After being at Bonnaroo for the last 4 years I'm ready to experience a good festi!!

Summer Camp 2008- 4 Stages and 3 Days of Camping!!

May 23-25th, Chillicothe, IL.

Check out www. summrcampfestival. com for info

I want to know who else is excited and where your all coming from!!

4/3/2008 07:00 PM

a lot of us coming from b'ham alabama we r going for moon taxi they r way nasty u should check the out on archive.org (under live archive) or on myspace.com/moontaxi

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