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Who else here is super excited about Metallica this summer!!!
2/25/2008 04:18 PM

Ha! Just kidding. Sorry if you are super excited about Metallica because I just thought we could use a defined space to rip on them, which I'm assuming is why everyone hit this post. They used to be cool, but I'd much rather see Rodrigo y Gabriel or Umphrey's cover their songs once in a while than have to sit through an entire show with some of their fans going crazy.

2/26/2008 06:03 AM

haha I had to laugh when i saw them on the Roo lineup. Seriously...who decided they would be a good addition? even to the Roo, which is tops 2-3 years away from a woodstock 99 type scene

just remember - dont be caught taping at Metallica, otherwise Lars Ulrich will chase you down and beat you on your shins with his drumsticks for stealing his music.

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