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Langerado; got an RV but no heads
2/14/2008 04:00 PM

so we live in Oswego Ny .. rented an RV in Ft Meyers or Ft lauderdale cant remember which...

we have 5 RV passes for sale with obvious space in the RV (plus we can set up two tents and I have a house tent) for $175 per. We have room for one or 2 riders in our car, with gas pitch-ins. Anyone who drives down can meet us at the RV joint and we can all park there and ride out together ... i think its a 2 hour drive from the rv place. we re leaving Oswego late tuesday night early wednesday morning to get to the rv early early Thursday morning so we can be setup and make all the Thursday night shows.

keep in mind that the 175 is for a bracelet into our RV only ... you will need a festival ticket.

We will go a little out of the way to pick someone up but would rather not ... if you could get a ride to a major highway thats on the route that would be cool if not we can work something out

we usually take 81 down and then i think 476 over to I95 and then a str8 shot down

the rv including the costs of having a person under 25 driving and the cost of the generator is WELL over what we re charging for space. There wont be any deposit because of the fees of the generator and 25bux a day for under 25 driver its not the full class a bus lookin joint but it s big sleeps 5 comfortably has a shitter and a shower plus i have a dope air mattress to set up in the house tent.

the very latest I can take the money will be the moment we leave or pick you up.

email me at hungryfrigginbob@gmail.com for more information

3/5/2008 06:15 AM

hello my name is Greg. I am traveling from west palm to langerdo. My girl friend and I have and SUV with plenty of space for 2 people and there gear. I am looking for someone to offer something in triad aka gas money, tole money, merchandise ext.... I am willing to work out a deal for just aboutn anything if the triad is fair. I am leaving west palm at about around 5am so any one who wants on board should get a hold me via my email riccardi@gmail.com I hope to hear from you soon.

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