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Festivals my dog can go to?
2/5/2008 11:37 AM

My dog LOVES festivals and shows, and of course I love having her with me for everything since she's awesome and won't be around forever...

Just curious if anyone knows of good festivals that allow leashed dogs. The only one I remember bringing her to in the past was Appalachian Uprising. Know of any others?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Enjoy your day, Kiki

2/5/2008 05:03 PM

Pretty sure you can bring her to 420jam @ the cove in Gore, VA. A lot of the smaller festivals allow them w/proof of shots. Some don't really advertise that they are allowed but never hurts to ask. I'll be at 420, but the dog will have to stay home, I party too hard to remain a responsible dog owner in the wee hours of the morning.

2/6/2008 09:52 AM


2/12/2008 04:06 PM


As a veterinarian and dog lover, I think taking a dog to any festival is a horrible idea! Will you be with it all the time? No- you'll be checking out music. Maybe partying.

Will the dog be scared? Of course!

Could it suffer from hyperthermia? Yes.

Could it get stolen? Yes.

Could it get in a fight? Yes- if there are other aggressive dogs there.

Could anything else go wrong? Yes.

Will you be equipped to be its best advocate and guardian 24 -7? Unlikely.

Be responsible and get a dogsitter.

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