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For anyone going to Langerado.....
1/29/2008 08:30 AM

Hey guys, i'm not sure if this counts as "advertising" or "spam"... if it does, please delete and accept my apologies for disobeying your guidelines. in any event, for those of you going to langerado, here is a message from my fiance:

Yoga Jane at Langerado

I will be teaching at least one yoga class Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No experience is neccessary. Bring some comfy clothes (think pajama like) and a blanket, towel or mat.

Donations will be appreciated.

I am not sure of the time or the exact location at the langerado camp ground. If you are interested in practicing some yoga at Langerado please email me with your contact cell number. I will contact you via text at langerado.



hyperjane4 (at) aol (dot) com

2/20/2008 12:23 PM

bump! getting closer to the fest!

2/22/2008 11:34 AM

For anyone arriving to Ft. Lauderdale airport Thursday afternoon/evening (before 8pm), if you're looking to share a ride with two fellow travelers, e-mail me at ajtrue78@yahoo.com. My name is Andy. I'm interested in talking to ANYONE going from FLL to Big Cypress Thursday evening...if you've got a vehicle already, myself and one other are looking to catch a ride and contribute accordingly. If you don't have something worked out already, let me know, as I'm trying to work out some sort of chauffeur ride for multiple people (must be willing to contribute a little $$).

3/5/2008 06:07 AM

hello my name is Greg. I am traveling from west palm to langerdo. My girl friend and I have and SUV with plenty of space for 2 people and there gear. I am looking for someone to offer something in triad aka gas money, tole money, merchandise ext.... I am willing to work out a deal for just aboutn anything if the triad is fair. I am leaving west palm at about around 5am so any one who wants on board should get a hold me via my email riccardi@gmail.com I hope to hear from you soon.

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