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when can we get back journals????
7/12/2012 06:51 AM

Miles, I keep telling you, YOUR JOURNAL IS STILL THERE, you just can't ADD to it anymore. You keep acting like you can't view it anymore.

But yeah, JamBase, when can we get back to ability to ADD NEW ENTRIES??? And why ever take it away to begin with, with no explanation? Seems dumb to me.


7/12/2012 07:01 AM

If you're only clicking on "My JamBase", you will not find any links to your Journal on that page. But if you click your AVATAR or NAME, you'll see your account as others do, and there's a Journal tab, as well as a Journal box at the bottom of the page. OR, you can click the drop-down menu next to My JamBase and there's a Journal option there too.

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