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Fewer clicks to check band forums
8/26/2006 01:52 AM

So currently I can only see a band's forum by going to their page and then the fans section, but there's so many bands! (Not that there's alot of posts there anyway, but maybe thats due to lack of accessibilty.)

Could there be a way to check them all at once? I don't really need to see any of the topics in every one at once, but it'd be nice to have them sortof consolidated somewhere and perhaps listed by most recent update... Maybe an alphabetical sorting option as well.

Plus that way bands with the most talk get the top spot on some page. Pretty cool, n'est pas?

8/26/2006 11:40 AM

Like a quick list of posts in Forums for your Favorit Bands somewhere in MyJamBase?

Working on it...

Also likely going to integrate Band Forums into the main Profile page, as well as Events into the event page...

Also working on a thread alert system so you'll be notified when someone replies to a post you've made anywhere.

Keepin busy

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