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Calling all Feature Requesters
12/7/2006 12:45 PM

Hi Everbody -

Andy from JamBase here. We are hard at working improving your JamBase experience and making it even easier for you to get to the show and Go See Live Music!

We want to hear from you! We'd like to know which sections of the site you use the most, what you enjoy and what you wish was a little bit better.

While we're working on implementing your already expressed requests (deleting friends, changing usernames, making group emails work properly) we also want to make sure that we continue to reach out and ask for your advice.

So here I am - please use this thread below to include any thoughts you may have, and please don't be shy. We've got a lot of exciting things in the works for 2007 and want to make sure your voice is heard, literally.

Rock On,


12/7/2006 03:06 PM

i just took a good long look at the page and i can't see anything i don't use. i personly only go to the contest and cd review sections about once a month.

one thing i would love to see is a database of venues. i would love to see a listing of just the venues in my area, and have a list of my favorite venues. it could be just like the favorite bands list, only with venues.

12/8/2006 03:54 PM

good call hotchkiss. I've thought about the venue thing as well. It would be cool if we could review/rate venues as well.

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