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Site Updates and State Search
8/29/2007 09:36 PM

Hi Everyone -

Thanks again for all your feedback with the new site. We hear you and appreciate everything you're going through adjusting to our new digs.

We just made a bunch of updates to solve some bugs we were seeing and are looking forward to making continued improvements and enhancements.

One of the biggest requests we've gotten is for the ability to Search by State. We realize this was an important feature for many of you and we're happy to report that State Search is now available on the Shows page at

Thanks for your continued patience, feedback and support as we work to improve the new site and make JamBase the best it can be!



8/29/2007 10:30 PM

Hi Andy,

I just tried to sort by state which worked, but then all the cities are not in Alphabetical order....or that is what I saw...before it would sort state and then city all alphabetical, was great!! just a jambase!!

Best, Diane

9/6/2007 07:49 PM

Thanks Diane,

This has been fixed. All cities are now in alphabetical order when searching by state.

Stay tuned for some additional improvements in the coming days.



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