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Chat Feature.....again.
5/24/2009 01:08 PM

Over the past few months, Jambase members have been asked many times for input on how to improve the site...Probably the most popular suggestion was that a chat feature (similar to facebook's) be integrated....However, the site has been dramatically altered(some say for the better others for the worse), but still no chat feature. I would love to see this accomplished if possible.

I appreciate everything the jambase staff does, especially considering that we don't pay a penny for this service. Which brings up another suggestion:

a Premium Membership Program that could incorporate certain features only for those willing to pay. I for one would be willing to pay 10-12 bucks a month for some extra features. And the extra money may allow the site to expand it's ability to incorporate more services.....Again, just some suggestions....Thanks Again, Guys.

5/25/2009 01:34 AM

1. Agreed on the chat. When a thread starts reading like a conversation, and people are all posting at once, it's time to turn it into a chat session. Well I don't know if it would be possible to "turn a thread into chat" (that would be cool though), but you know what I mean. I personally am not much into chat, but I can think of some scenarios where it might some in handy even for me.

2. I, as a rule, don't use any sites or features I have to pay for, and I think the vast majority of the population feels the same. But just out of curiosity, marc, what kind of extra features did you have in mind? If it's over and above what we get for free now, and it's stuff I have no interest in or need for, I wouldn't care what everyone else does.


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