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7/10 - DOSVEC - Mashup Dance Event feat Krunkpony at Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
7/7/2012 12:13 PM

July 10, 2012 (Tuesday)

9pm - 4am

$10 all night

All Ages (Bar is opened for 21+)

Knitting Factory, BK

361 Metropolitan Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Knitting Factory Event Page:

Buy tickets at:


"If you aren't dancing, I'm not doing my job" - DOSVEC

DOSVEC has been taking the mash up world by storm with a music catalog that boasts hundreds of unique mash ups that are straight hits.


DOSVEC separates himself from other producers in his category by his track selection and orchestrating all his mash ups in key. Mash ups are more than just putting two or more tracks together, they should sound as if two or more artists came together to create a masterpiece; this is where DOSVEC comes in.

Top 40/Rock/Hip Hop/Electro/Dubstep? Yup DOSVEC Got That

Traveling across many different genres makes DOSVEC a cross genre artist and looking out to the crowd that rages to his sound you will find this out real quick. His projects, to mention a few, includes two full length hip hop/rock/top 40 mash up albums, EDM mash up albums, and even a full Dubstep album that included an 80min intensive visual experience of the mashed up music's music videos.

DOSVEC is Simply Internet Gold!

DOSVEC's Youtube views are reaching the 2 million mark and his blog support is simply amazing. See it for yourself, a simple Google search will show you that the world truly loves the DOSVEC sound.

DOSVEC is also no stranger to major press. DOSVEC has been reviewed by the NY Post, MTV, and countless other popular music / pop culture websites.



The club was jam packed. Everybody was dancing. Dj Krunk Pony unleashes an all-vinyl set that is sexy, smart, and fun. She flawlessly beat-matches mash-ups with traces of dance, bass, rip-hop, soul, krunk-funk, nujazz, and breakbeat. She knows, "The crowd is out to have a great night and dance, and I deliver. I always get at least one I love this song without playing top-40". She's played her sets to cater the vibe of both clubs and restaurants including; Les Duex Gamins, Cush 87, The Bowery Poetry Club, and the members-only Norwood.

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