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8/25/2006 02:21 PM

Whats' walking..

where's all the good vibes at.

recently moved to boston from I-town looking for some hot local scenes... let me know

8/30/2006 12:31 PM

been to the lizard lounge in cambridge yet? they do all kinds of cool outside jazz and that end of the jam scen there. i saw the slip and the miracle orchestra play all at the same time there.

when i was a kid (growing up outside of boston) i would go to harvard sq. and hear all of the street performers play. this might sound silly except they were people like tracy chapman, martin sexton and G love (garrett in those days). i imagine there are some undescovered singer songwriters sitthing there now who will have big names in a few years. around '90 or so on a given friday or saterday there would be musicians set up on every corner and in every colsed storefront - there would also be swarms of people walking arund listening and behaving like they were at a festi. have you been out there? is it still like this?

......quite a bit of info and i could tell you more....go ahead, mention boston to me and see what is one of my favorite music towns in the world!

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