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The Third Annual Pink Moon Festival
8/13/2011 11:43 PM

Pink Moon III

September 15-18, 2011

Rock Camp, WV



Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Sol & Funk Root, The DJ Williams Projekt

The Kind, DJ Rahbee, Galaxy Dynamite, Silo Effect, Marionette, Materia Project, Triscale, The Boatmen, Discordian Society, PBR, Funk Punch, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Soul Stone Overdrive, Catatronic, RTFM, Shak, Urth, Pants for Bears, Groova Scape, Vern's Pot O' Chili, Moonshine Logik, Levi's Gene Pool, The Dirt Road Travelers, Sour Deemsters and more tba

The Pink Moon Festival is a grassroots music and arts festival that revels in music, life, love and festival culture. In it's short three years, Pink Moon has fostered a true sense of family and community between it's attendees, artists, and staff.

Seth Abramson, creator and owner of Rock Camp Productions, started The Pink Moon Festival in 2009, in honor of his late mother Pinky Testerman. Pink Moon is held on Seth's family farm in Rock Camp, WV. The beautiful mountain top farm has been in Seth's family for four generations. Two generations are buried in the family graveyard, Pinky and her father Russell Testerman. Russell sculpted the land you see today for his children and grandchildren to enjoy; he planted trees, built the mini golf course and "bird city" and the various outbuildings for Seth to have a playground. Now that Seth has grown up (a little) he's following in his grandfather's footsteps and sculpting the land into a wonderful playground for all ages. Pinky died in an ATV accident in 2006, but she did not wish to be mourned. A life time music lover, party animal, and unique pillar of the Rock Camp Community...Pinky wished to be celebrated. Pinky wanted everyone to have fun. And so, we throw the best party we know how to throw! After touring our Giant Glowing Dragon Puppet Rodeo (Glo-deo!) across the country, we're bringing it home. Puff T. Magic-Dragon and his friends Dr. Molly and Sid Glo have hit everything from Bonnaroo to The Gathering of the Vibes and from Phish 8 (and Phish 3D) to All Good. We've hit regional fests and clubs from Virginia to NYC, and Puff's even been spotted in Times Square. With all of this practice and experience under their belts, Puff and friends are ready to rage it Rock Camp style! We've gathered all of this, all of our experience, all of our friends, the best talent around, our dragons, our puppets, our family and all of our greatest ideas to bring you the best festival experience we can. Check out our brand new Shangri-La Village located under the ~300 year old oak trees in the park where vendors, first aid, Pink Moon merchandise and a special Shangri-La DJ Stage and Tent will all be available. The black light mini golf course is also located in the Shangri-La Village. Climb Graveyard Hill for a breathtaking mountainous view and a glimpse of the entire venue! Take the opportunity to hike the trails and explore the wonders of rural West Virginia! Pink Moon is a family festival and children of all ages are welcome. Please keep in mind though that all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. So spread the word! We can't wait to see you in September!!

Check out our new Shangri-La Village - Located under the giant Oaks at the base of Graveyard Hill! There you'll find a mystical village of life, love and community. Visit for vending, our improved BLACK LIGHT MINI GOLF COURSE, our brand new Shangri-La Stage and activity tent, First Aide,Pink Moon Merchandise, and much much more.

Keep an eye out for Puff T. Magic-Dragon and his friends Dr. Molly and Siddhartha Glo...they'll be chasing each other around and Glodeo-ing all weekend!

Body Painting For Charity! - We will have a Body Painting Booth set up in the "Shangri-La Village"...come bare it all (or just show just a little skin) for our artists and become a [completely washable] human canvas. Suggested donation: $5 to be donated to the Music and Arts Departments of Monroe County Middle Schools.

2/27/2012 04:44 AM


If you're still looking for local/regional talent please consider The Window Panes. You can search us here or go directly to our site at

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