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New music from within the family! COSMIC CIRCLE
10/21/2011 10:33 AM

Hello, family.

Here's some fresh original music out of Cleveland, Ohio. Vintage tones and grooves for your ears.

Give it a listen-

I opened an artists page as well here at Jambase- waiting for the bio and pic to appear.

The first 5 songs are mastered and on the site- the final 9 song album should be released in November.

We added a beautiful female voice for the final 4 tracks, adding a lush vocal sound- we're looking forward to releasing that for your ears in November...

We're rehearsing for our debut show- to be announced soon...

I hope you enjoy.

Lovin' You.


10/21/2011 10:34 AM

Oh...and our updated website will be released soon, too.

Currently, there's just a player....

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