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Shameless plugging, Phish covers
9/18/2011 03:20 PM

Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to this here Jam Base, but thought some folks here (more than anyone else) might be interested in hearing my quasi-jam band The Savvy Swiss. We finally got a decent live recording (mixed ourselves) which you can hear at the following link:

The back to back Picture of Nectar covers were actually accidental as we were told to cut it to one song right after Cavern, and we saved our 20 minute excursion to spare the audience. Chalkdust is really not a great version but I was pleased with how Cavern came out so you should listen to that one if anything! That's me singing so don't hate too hard if you can avoid it.

Thanks y'all. You can check out the rest of our bandcamp page for more releases or our page at

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