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BONZAI TRIBE - Connecticut's Newest Jamband
9/15/2011 09:59 PM

Check these guys out! Great covers of Zappa and Phish on Youtube!

Bonzai Tribe is an original rock band hailing from the northwest corner of Connecticut, comprised of guitarist/keyboardist Drew Chadwick, guitarist Ben Wolff, bassist Todd Buslewicz, drummer Jesse Reidhaar, and sax player Adam Faccin. The Tribe draw their inspiration from rock, funk, jazz, fusion, blues and countless other styles and combine it into a sound all their own. This eccentric yet accessible sound is evident on their latest release – the self-titled Bonzai Tribe. Strong originals mixed with a heavy helping of tasteful covers added to high energy and a penchant for jamming make Bonzai Tribe a formidable live experience.

Torrington, CT 06790

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