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Professor Marvel Music (Talented upcoming electronic jam band)
4/12/2012 10:48 AM

Check out this upcoming funky electronic jam band based out of Newport News, VA.


Professor Marvel is the type of band that knows no limits. And their new record, Entering the Atmosphere, helps prove that. "Everything you hear on Entering the Atmosphere is live and unedited...just basic effects on the overall mix to add color to the pictures we are painting." Nothing could better describe this brilliant space-prog-rock record: it's long, filled with intricate jams that clearly exhibit amazing instrumental talent.

This record is perfect for a chill evening at the house, with nothing to do but kick back, drink a beer, and delve into a diverse musical landscape. And, in fact, that's how I enjoyed this record. Of course, Professor Marvel is an acquired taste. Were I a few years younger, the lack of vocals would have made Entering the Atmosphere unlistenable. But fortunately, I have matured in a musical sense: some songs may carry on a little too long, but Entering the Atmosphere is a great return to instrumental progressive rock. Because Professor Marvel records by jamming and allowing each band member input in every song, some of them can seem a little dense. But needless to say, the gems of the record help it to rise above any negatives. "Indian Stagecoach Massacre", "Rambo Bright", and "Tasty Cakes and Big Mistakes" are all brilliant tracks. I highly recommend this album to any fan of instrumental rock, jam rock, or space rock. It's a stellar combination of all three.

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