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Mike Miz performs entire Gamehendge saga (solo acoustic)
1/19/2012 01:46 PM

Mike Miz is a big Phish fan, and last Friday night he attempted something he had always wanted to do... he performed The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday in its entirety. This was a pretty big undertaking, because not only is it some difficult material, but being a solo acoustic gig, he had to narrate and play at the same time (I was his page turner at times), whereas Trey had the band behind him while he just narrated. Mike said from the beginning he was doing this for fun and not taking it too seriously, and afterwards he was his typical modest self and said there were some mess-ups. Now I was not already familiar with most of this material, so I had nothing to compare it to, but I thought he did a hell of a job, and so did everyone else in attendance, phans and non-phans alike. I was sitting right up front, and once in a while I'd turn around to see a whole roomful of huge smiles and dropped jaws... Mike can play some guitar! One of the tapers, Jack Riley/shnfamily (a huge Phish fan and the one who pushed for this show to happen), was streaming the show, and the good word must've spread, because we ended up with almost 50 people tuned in, which is pretty many. I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. TMWSIY is the 2nd set. The 1st set and the encore are originals and covers... ALL good stuff, definitely worth a listen, trust me, but if nothing else don't miss the beautiful Hallelujah cover. This recording by Keith is an excellent soundboard/Schoeps matrix... enjoy......... :)






Mike Mizwinski

Blind Pig Pub @ Eagles Mere Inn

Eagles Mere, PA

January 13, 2012


Soundboard>Sound Devices 744t +

Schoeps MK21's(Clamped to Mike's Vocal Stand)>KCY250/05I>VST62iu>Grace Design Lunatec V3(Analog Out)>Sound Devices 744t (recorded @24BIT/48khz)

SD744t>Nuendo 4 (Mix of both sources)>Sound Forge Pro 10 (fades,iZotope 64 BIT Sample Rate Conversion/iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV>Traders Little Helper (FLAC)

Recorded by Keith Litzenberger (recording@wklitz.com) Show # 3 of 2012 (he's wrong, it was #4)

Set 1:

01 Wink

02 Was A Time

03 Something That's Dead

04 Peggy-O

05 Slow You Go

06 Heels of the Day

07 Pen Y Bryn Road

08 Canyon Echos Glow

09 Diamond on the Souls of Her Shoes

10 Staring Into The Sun

11 Tornado Mind

Set 2:

Phish's The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday in it's entirety

01 Tuning

02 Intro


04 Narration >

05 Lizards >

06 Narration >

07 Tela >

08 Narration >

09 Wilson >

10 Narration>

11 AC/Dc Bag >

12 Narration >

13 Col. Forbin's Ascent >

14 Fly Famous Mockingbird >

15 Narration >

16 Sloth >

17 Narration >

18 Possum

Set 3:

01 Intro

02 You Can't Always Get What You Want

03 Hallelujah

04 Silent In The Morning

Also, here's a video of Tela using this same audio source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtsKoC5LUbk

You can find a couple more videos from this performance (Lizards and You Can't Always Get What You Want) in the comments section of the Dime upload above. Keith made those two videos unlisted for whatever reason, so I'm not going to re-post the links here. He did a two-camera shoot of the whole show, so he'll probably end up uploading more when he has time. Right now he is busy on Miz mini-tour in Germany! They flew over on Tuesday and Mike has a couple gigs booked in Berlin this weekend. :)


6/28/2012 12:19 AM

I happened to run into a fellow JamBaser (gimmemusic, I don't think he posts much, but we've PM'd) at a show a few nights ago (Marco Benevento at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, great show!), and this Gamehendge performance of Mike Miz's came up in conversation (it's where I was instead of at my local Keller show), and he said he actually just listened to the whole thing recently, and it was all because of me posting about it here on JamBase. I'm always posting good recordings and band/show recommendations here, often with little or no response, but I'm always reminding myself that we have way more lurkers than posters here. It was just good to talk to one of them and get some confirmation that people do check this stuff out, even if they don't bother to post, and my efforts aren't all in vain. :)

Kinda like the time somebody posted here saying they went to a Machine show at the Whitaker Center because they saw a poster hanging in a head shop in Mechanicsburg. Well I'm the one who had hung that poster, and it was satisfying to know I got at least one person (plus whoever else was in their party) out to the show. And of course they loved it, enough to post about it anyway. :)

Anyway, back to Miz... go ahead and check out this show if you haven't done so yet... the Etree and Dime links are no good anymore, but the Archive link is fine... here it is again, enjoy... http://archive.org/details/mikemiz2012-01-13.wklitz.schoeps.sbd.flac16


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