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Got a crispy FOB SBD or Podcast?

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Flaming Lips Bill Graham Civic NYEE 12-30-2006
1/21/2007 05:52 PM

Desperately seeking audio from this show. I shot the entire show on a Sony DCR-tRV27 MiniDV cam but the audio turned out rather distorted. If you taped it or know of anyone who may have taped PM me or post here.

If you wish to remain anonymous or have full credit on the upcoming DVD it's up to you.

It's starting to look bleak.

I have posted on taperssection.com, usenet, Dime A Dozen, The Flaming Lips bulleting board, Flaming Lips Yahoo group, The Radiohead board, Craigslist Forum , Pure Live Gigs and now here.

The video looks awesome and I am willing to release it as a double DVD to keep the audio uncompressed and the bit rate high. I really do not want to put it out with the distorted audio.


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