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5 bands lookin for places to play in Atl, unbelievable talent
1/14/2007 06:04 AM

I am fortunate enough to be childhood friends with a variety great musicians with expertise and backgrounds that can fill and impress almost any musical need. There musical backgrounds include but aren't limited to Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz, Acoustic Jam Band, and a compilation of a Hip-Hop artist from the Ex-Patriots, a popular underground Hip-Hop Group from Atl, with a Psycodelic Jazz guitar that is completly unpredictable and unlike anything you have heard). These bands are currently booked throughout the Metro area, however most of their shows are booked in downtown Atl. I have been given the oppertunity to explore my ability in booking them as often as possible. Due to their drive to get better and possiblly turn their love for music into a succesful carrer it has been easy to accomplish goals when you see such work ethic in such talanted individuals, some of which have made it their feild of study in college. All of these bands with one exception, are capable of 4-5 hours of material that include originals as well as cover songs, which ever the crowd's prefferance. No matter what your audience perfers I garauntee I can fulfill their musical needs, and I am confident that you will be pleased with the quality of these musicians and the business recieved by the establishment. Our goal is to create a fan base in your area in order to assure repeate business. I need information on bars and/or venues around the Atl and West Ga area that are willing and able to book these bands with a reasonable amount of room. The only thing we require be provided is a stage. No sound equipment needs to be provided we have all equipment that is neccesary. Any one with any kind of information can be used. I am confident enough in the talent of these musicians the most helpful thing that you can do is introduce or give names of possible locations and I'll let the music speak for itself. I look forward to new ideas and usefull information that will allow us the oppertunity to broaden a fan base as well as aid in the rise in income of any establishment willing to try something new. There are demo CD's availible for anyone who wants to take the time to take a chance on something that has nowhere to go but up and the sky is the limit for everyone.

Band Names:

Streamline Revelation (Southern Rock, smooth but strong guitar, great originals, big Allman Brothers influence)

Smokey's Farmland Band (Bluegrass, Unbelievable Grateful Dead covers that seem to explore a side to Dead Music that will surprise you, along with many traditional bluegrass and some newgrass covers)

The Barn Rat Review (Bluegrass, banjo Player Jody Hughes is a nationally known talent, with many competition victories on the state and national level, This band asks for more money than the, due to their talent level and current asking price that is happily paid because of their popularity that assures the establishment will have a large crowd that currently follows these guys all over Atl)

Leaving Lilburn (A mellow acoustic jam band, have the capability to mold their sound around the crowd and perfer to do so, This band can play in front of any crowed and get good reviews, versitile)

Newberry Jam (Newage Jazz/Jam, all band members have either graduated with a music degree or are currently students of music at Georgia State Univ. which allowes them to play with a certain comfort that is important in Jazz in order for them to sound like one band, instead of having each instrument sound apart from everyone else, this gives their Jazz a simple sound then thats when they blow your mind with making what seems like impossible but never ending flow)

Hip-Hop Fused with Jazz (Hip-Hop artist from group The Ex-Patriots, Drew, and Ian Newberry from Newberry Jam, These guys put a string message into a bowl and then pour the flowing sound of Jazz Guitar all on top and create something from the future) Only 2-3 hours of material due to the lack of covers that would flow with their sound, however I can possiblly fill time with a MC or DJ to take place of covers.

My Contact Information

Will Priest, Booking Agent



Jambase Username: Native51

If you require a meeting or any additional information you can contact me here, via e-mail, or by phone. I look forward to the endless possibilities that, when put together can do nothing but good for everyone involved.

Thankyou and looking forward to working with you,

Will Priest

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