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Whether Favre can continue his legend
7/9/2010 06:17 AM

People always convey Brett Favre’s record in connection with “un-senesced legend”. However, Favre has to take the aspect into consideration with age’s increase. Forty - one years old means dropping of function of body .so everyone wonder whether Favre can continue his legend especially for his loyal fans .what is more serious, now he is suffering confusion caused by injury .let us together look back these wonderful and brilliant records in his football career.

We should trace back from the game on Sep,20th ,1992 which was the third week of regular matches .At that time ,Favre was joining BaoZhuang Gong green bay team where he stayed for 15 years. Green bay's main quarterback DonMajkowski ‘spraining his ankle in the half .a person come from Mississippi ,wearing a N4 shirt walked on the special pitch, With 1:7 seconds, in 17-23 - backward situation, to an extremely penetrating the ball team for his help. So, the green bay city remembered such a name: Brett Favre Brett, forever. Legend is mainly because it's a legendary story. Jephthah came in the reversal of array, he has been firmly occupied green bay starting quarterback position, but nobody thought the southerners in cold green bay is a stay, staying to the end of 17 years. his hair has turned grey. While he was crowded into the yankees then Daniel bench while moving, but always pony and unable to find lion season from 4,000 yards of state, ShanRan retired in 1996.And in the method of season, Favre led Green bay to obtain the super bowl. It is that in the method of green bay in fifth season he has showed strong push-ups, and extremely precise passes, and extraordinary competition ability. so he has become the best league quarterback. In New Orleans, Louisiana and super dome stadium, with two Florida law in passing over 35 than 21 leading his team to the New England patriots, made his career only a super bowl championships. But the MVP of the super bowl was missed (Desmond Howard in that game, played like chicken, hit 24-point-four tapping the super bowl, the perennial robbed method MVP.

Dating back to 2006, the Favre in green bay exactly stayed for 15 seasons, After creating 8-8 record together his team, 37, he has gradually revealed the idea that he planned to retire and fade the hall of fame, fans held ceremonies retirement of experts from Florida of various honors career in Wisconsin, After a summer match, he announced to began to return the Jordan in comparison, NFL quarterback on record constantly update the method of data. Favre has been creating miracle, we have reason to expect his performance.www.2009allstar.com

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