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Yogoman Burning Band . NW Tour
2/18/2008 02:02 PM

Hello Northwest Tapers,

If you're a fan of upbeat rock steady, soul, and reggae influenced music, then you might really dig Yogoman Burning Band. The Bellingham, WA has a very unique sound and it would be amazing if you want to swing by the show to record (we should be able to take care of you ticket if you get ahold of us early in the week).

Check out Yogoman Burning Band at the link below.


Tour dates below.

02.21 . Nectar . Seattle

02.22 . Langano Lounge . PDX

02.23 . Eastside Club . Olympia

03.07 . Q Cafe . Seattle

03.15 . Majestic . Bellingham

Thanks for documenting the shows! Just drop an email if you have any interest in YBB.

- John

John Tosch


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