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Madahoochi 12.17.07 - Cicero's farewell performance
1/27/2008 12:05 AM


Features Adam Ruggo on percussion. Beto's birthday show. Recorded by Brian Sax.

Tracks 1 to 3 are intro and some drum jam.

4: Must Be Nice

5: Got No Money

6: Between Us

7: Kite

8: Moose

9: Jam / Big Bang tease

10: Big Bang Medley

11: Sleeve

12: Real Time

13: Seems Like She Loves Me

14: Adam Ruggo / Drum Jam

15: Superstitious (w/ guests)

16: Kashmir (w/ guest Jim Heger & others)

17: I am the Walrus (still w/ guests)

18: Down to the Crossroads? (still w/ guests)

19: For What It's Worth (still w/ guests)

20: Freebird / Jam

21: Moose Finale

Also captured is lots of audience participation, prominently featuring some of the regular Monday night freaks - myself included.

Audio quality is good, a bit muted overall but good.

Freebird at the end was due to some crazy people up front, we tried to drown them out with requests for Movin' On but didn't work.

1/28/2008 01:42 PM

MoJo's 9-7-2007 (Columbia, MO)


Not quite as clean of a recording, but it features "Neptune Squeegee" which is one of the baddest instrumentals I've ever heard.

1/31/2008 07:38 PM


10,000 Lakes 2006

Probably the best recording of theirs I've found so far. One of the few that really captures their harmonies well, very very clear recording.

This was their second appearance at 10klf, I believe they played against Les Claypool on the main stage.

Starting with Joe hamming it up a bit, they burst right into it and put on a very high energy set. Nuclear Man, Good Time People, Must Be Nice, Under Her Sleeve - fantastic show.

You can hear me and many others hootin' and hollerin' and generally having a blast as well :D

Shawn Hartung also performed with The Everyone Orchestra, all three years they have been there, which I am desperately seeking recordings of.

2/5/2008 01:39 PM

Actually, here is the link to their LMA: http://www.archive.org/details/Madahoochi

Brian Sax and a few others have been adding recordings like crazy of late.


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