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For Sale: Nomad Jukebox 3 package
11/7/2006 10:53 AM

For Sale: Nomad Jukebox 3 - used but almost perfect condition.



All original accessories: wall-wart, 2 batteries, install CD, USB cable, firewire cable (if I still have this).


Alsø wik:

Hard Shell carry case - custom made, works great. Padded for protection.

Black pleather JB3 shell - keep your JB3 beer-resistant at shows. Also looks cool.

Two extra "faces" - different color snap-in "faces" for the JB3 so you can tell yours apart from the others... Red and Light Blue.

Extra wall-wart - keep in your bag for power on the road - leave the other at home by the stereo or PC. I also used this at the office for listening to shows the next day.

Car/12vDC adapter w/ 4pin XLR cable hack - power/charge your JB3 in the car, or use 4pin XLR with 12v SLA battery ($10 at radio shack) for 12+ hours in the field. Perfect for taping festivals AND listening on the way home for same festival! This is an original Creative 12v adapter, not a home-made voltage convertor thingy. Includes dongle to attach to 12v SLA (12v SLA battery not included, too heavy to ship).


Alsø alsø wik:

Hosa ODL-276 Coax>Toslink SPDIF convertor. Patch from any Coax SPDIF output to the JB3 with this awesome unit. Includes AC wall-wart for power at home and 9vDC cable for use with WallMart 9v battery in the field. Patch from almost any digital source for 15+ hours in the field, perfect for patching at festivals.


JB3 used lovingly for last 3 years to tape well over 100 shows. Only flaws are scratches around the reset hole on the back from trying to find it in the dark.

This JB3 was bought brand new from Amazon in Oct. 2003. Extras bought along the way. Everything is still in 100% working order and field-ready.

Car adapter hack is home-made, if there are any problems, let me know and I will fix for free.

Total price for package: $250 OBO include S&H. USPS MO prefered.

Email here: twatts@kci.com


Terry Watts


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