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Mellencamp / Cowboy Junkies
6/20/2012 12:01 PM

In Abbotsford BC, an arena show. My first time seeing Cowboy Junkies. I enjoyed, they were more experimental sounding than I anticipated. Great soundscapes for the wonderful voice of Margo Timmins to float on top of and weave into the looped guitars, harmonica and mandolin. For me, I could have listened to another set by them. Mellencamp I hadn't been to in 15+ years; I'd forgotten how professional everything was. Top notch presentation, for the most part their was hardly sufficient time between songs for an appropriate amount of applause. The newer material was played electric, but a more subdued electric than the rockin batch of popular anthemic songs that filled the last half of his show. Sound and lights were clean. Band played well, but the material rarely strayed in form, almost a generic style to his hit parade. His voice works with the material, but live it was mostly a gruff shout type of singing, no range to his voice. A good presentation of sound and lights. Lyrically, the man gets some points of view across without being blatantly preachy with his words. Mellencamp was a good time, Cowboy Junkies were a musical experience; to my taste I want to catch CJ sooner than I want to catch JM again.

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