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funky groovy guitarist seeking touring band
4/15/2011 01:57 PM

funky and groovy guitarist seeking touring band.

i have been on 6 released albums, have toured the USA and Europe, and love playing loosely structured music that allows for the free spirit of the music to emerge.

also good with TIGHT funky structures and parts!

can sing lead and backup vocals.

one of my main influences and friends is Brian Stoltz (Funky Meters, Nevilles, PBS) -- so that can kind of give you an idea of how i sound and play....

great gear, have endorsements from several major manufacturers, and get great sounds with a variety of guitars and effects.

seeking working, touring band who needs a multifunctional guitarist who can sing, play guitar, play keys, drive vans and trucks, and find the gig without a GPS :-)

please contact me direct at or call me at 954-297-8811, currently located in Ft Lauderdale FL


6/4/2011 06:57 AM

Bobby D knows his'd be wise to contact this guy.

1/25/2012 12:58 AM


there is already a new tool to find local musicians, its called Emuzikos. It's really easy to find musicians or bands you need without spending hours on forums.

Have a look at


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