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who wants to start a band (in maryland)
1/24/2011 09:45 PM

looking for serious musicians who know music

im a guitarist i can play many genres

i can play lead very well and i can play rythm really well also

looking for two drummers, a sick keyboardist, solid bass, and another rhythm/lead guitar

AND ALSO PEDAL STEEL PLAYER - please contact me asap if this is you.

Oren Paisner

410 707 6041

2/2/2011 02:25 PM

Where you located in Maryland Brotha? I play bass in a band right now but always looking for other musicians to jam with. I would say i kinda got a funky style. And two drummers would be off the hook. Never had the opportunity to jam with two at the same time.

2/4/2011 04:54 PM

im in columbia mayne (howard county) what about you?

1/25/2012 12:59 AM


there is already a new tool to find local musicians, its called Emuzikos. It's really easy to find musicians or bands you need without spending hours on forums.

Have a look at


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