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Guitarist looking for new band or to join existing band
1/13/2011 02:12 PM

Hey everyone!

Some doors have closed and others have opened and I'm looking for a new project. I'm willing to move anywhere in the country for the right group! Ideal spots: Boston, Western Mass (Amherst area), Boulder, CO, Arcata, CA, Asheville, NC, Upstate NY, PA, or Burlington, VT.


Guitarist, singer, composer/songwriter

Career oriented - I love to tour and want to spend my life doing so!

Own: Pro grear, great mixing console, and a tour van

Great business and web skills. Also a decent graphic designer. I can screen print t-shirts too.

Lots of connections in the North East (Boston venues, Stone Church, Nectars, albany, maine, etc)

Probably some fans from Mondo Gecko ;-)

27 years old

Berklee Degree

My ideal band:

Practice, write and tour all the time - weekends gigs at first

at least one or two other vocalists

Decent chops

Some music education would be nice (reading, theory) but if you can play you can play!

Career oriented and driven

Great team players.. and friends! (this sounds like a job ad... well I guess it is!)

4 or 5 people (gtr, bass, drums, keys and maybe another gtr/synth/percussion)

Understands the "scene": festivals, other bands, the attitudes, community.

Sound influenced by:

A mix of phish and the dead with string cheese and disco biscuits splashed in. At least to start... we'll find our own thing. Maybe some floyd and zappa style stuff too. I'm into Umphrey's, STS9, Yonder, and all the "jamtronica" stuff going on.

I'd like a mix of catchy songs and through-composed music. Lots of improve but lots of progressive stuff as well. I love dancy stuff: funk, reggae, dubstep, trance, bluegrass...

You can can listen to some of my stuff here: or check out Mondo Gecko on archive:

Hit me up!

luke AT mondogecko DOT com

1/19/2011 01:59 PM

i can't help you, but i listened to some of your stuff, really great stuff man, hopefully you find a great group somewhere!

2/19/2011 11:13 AM


5/23/2011 07:24 PM

Mysterytrain is looking for a Rhythm Guitarist with vocal and songwriting skills. We are based in Altoona / State College PA. We host festivals and are playing at many major festivals. Please contact me at 814-330-6681. Visit

Thanks man,


1/25/2012 12:58 AM


there is already a new tool to find local musicians, its called Emuzikos. It's really easy to find musicians or bands you need without spending hours on forums.

Have a look at


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