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Magical Unicorn Pool Party with DJ logic and more! March 5th and 6th!
1/13/2011 10:31 AM

The Vosilla Sessions, a 16+band and multiple D.J. party, hailing some of the most talented musicians and D.js from NYC to Albany, will be hosted by the spectacular Villa Vosilla in Tannersville Ny. Vosilla will prove itself to be one of the most memorable parties of all time!

O.K. Let me get real here for a second:

I dont want to sugarcoat this too much, but the entire inside of this hotel looks as if it were sugarcoated.

Vosilla means Unicorn, and honestly, it looks as if a high class Unicorn who had experimenting with the forbidden fruits of the 1960's was the interior decorater for this place. This is the hotel where all the artists for Mountain Jam stay, boasting some of the most intriguing sounding collaborations of all time during M.J. but now the party goes public for two days!

Behold Friday March 5th, When DJ Logic, and many other bands, will play two sets of his homespun blend of classic NYC style electronic music, overlooking a peanut shaped pool and jacuzzi filled with all of your best friends! The pool is surrounded by beautiful foliage which will be illuminated by some very colorful and creative lighting! Thats right folks, we can all rage like Biggie would have, with DJ Logic playing your own personal set of music while you get down in the jacuzzi or pool!!

There is a brand new Yoga studio which consists of every wall being a mirror, lending itself to that really weird infintely repeating mirror effect you might have noticed in your parents bathroom when you were a kid.. Where I will hang a Disco ball, a fog machine, and a bunch of lazers! Its going to be very psychedelic! Not to mention the trippiest carpet of all time covers every floor in this place!

There will be two stages, one by the pool, and one in the in house night club:


Desolation Angels

Daddy Long Legs (aka Timothy O'Keefe)


The Big Takeover

The Deadbeats


Bad Princess


The Dreambats

Peter Head (and his Homemade Instruments,

everyone's welcome to try em!)

Positive Mental Trip

The Connor Kennedy Band

Lughenbill Live

DJ Lady Verse

DJ Ohi

...and more TBA!

Full size pool, jacuzzi, sauna, an array of arcade games, ping pong, pool table and a room of smoke, mirrors and lazers...and, of course, there'll be plenty of room to dance.

65 dollars gets you two days of music!

Rooms start at 85 dollars for a single - Not Required for entry to the event!

Double room - 170 dollars. You can fit four people in these rooms!

An optional 40 dollar lift ticket is available for neighboring Hunter Mountain!

I hope to see you all there!

Be kind and everything will come full circle!


Daddy Long Legs

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