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Grass Jam Central Arkansas
10/1/2010 08:26 AM

Have you had trouble meeting fellow pickers in central Arkansas? We have too!

We love to play music. Our jams are of the "parking lot picker" variety with our feet firmly planted in bluegrass, folk, and americana (with a dead tune thrown in here and there).

Specifically we are looking for someone to play the stand-up bass. We would also love to add a fiddle player and a banjo badass. If you can wail on the pedal steel, give us a shout.(We aren't asking too much are we?)

Our beginning goal is to keep jamming and to have a good time. Our intermediate goal is to be the go-to grassish band in central Arkansas. Our highest goal is world domination. We can talk specifics later.

FWIW, you probably don't want to jam with us if you don't like for the jams to occasionally get weird.

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