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Looking to fill dates for my club
9/18/2010 10:42 PM

I own a 400 seat club in Victor,ID (Jackson Hole area) and have a few dates available for ski season 10/11 if your band is touring and available. Get a hold of me at

1/2/2011 07:40 PM


This is Jon Engelund in Boise, ID, former bassist for the Tourists and Farmdog. I know Wit from the Knotty Pine, E and Sara Anderson, and Ed (Eric) and Angela from Big Hole Music.

I'm currently playing with two groups; a Southern Rock/Alt-Country outfit called Faler-Bell, and an Americana/Folk/Bluegrass/Funk/Rock/Jam band called Prairie Sky Pilots.

We would be interested in picking up some bookings in Victor, ID.

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