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wilco, the dead, beatles=original toons
4/21/2010 09:51 AM

i am a singer songwriter guitarist looking for musicians to bring my songs to life.

i am in a constant state of writing and would love to have cool, egoless, layed back folks to enlarge this art.

im very influenced by wilco and the beatles as far as song writing and structure goes,

and i love to stretch out and jam and explore sound in the vain of the dead and phish.

i just hit 40 and do have a family, but i always make time to play and would play most

any show and anywhere. love to get out and do shows all summer. Like i said, i am constantly writing

and would love to find people who enjoy the love created in learning and performing a good song,

but i am open to writing with others too. I would gladly send recordings ive done in

my lil home studio if your interested in hearing stuff. Ive got some nice new connections in the music world that ive just started

to plague with demos ive recorded, with many more new connections presenting themselves.

Thats why Im stressing the important fact of getting a cool loving band together to turn all this mental ridiculousness into a reality.Like i said, think wilco kissing the grateful dead while drunk on the beatles.

Geeze enough of my rambling. As far as instruments go, i sing and play lead/rhythm guitar, need to find bass, drums, keys, with or without singing capibilities, but the more harmonies the better!

Please say hi

ps: sorry if u responded to my last ad and i didnt respond back. i had problems. problems solved. i can respond now to anything ;)

5/4/2010 02:11 PM

hi. where are you located? we are bass, drums and guitar looking for what you're looking to fill. chances are we are very far a part, we're in CT.

5/5/2010 11:18 AM

hey dood, im in ct too! i think maybe we are the only metal heads not in ct, where u guys at? im in middlebury, its right near waterbury.

sounds like you guys got a full band, no? sounds nice, lil phish influence there. love phish.

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