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The Lips "Strobo Trip" + NYE Show
11/28/2011 11:19 AM

Is it just me or are the Flaming Lips just getting way more gimmicky by the second?

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of some of the tunes they have created. Their early harder shit, soft, and Yoshimi are all great (save for the fact that Flight Test was directly plagiarized from a Cat Stevens Song). Look I know they are not the best of musicians, I'd even venture to put out there that I'm probably a better guitarist than Wayne. But it just seems like they are straying so much further away from music to cheap gimmicks in recent years.

I've seen them several times and have all their albums, yes they put on a show that is visually intriguing. Yes they have some great beats and songs that are real catchy and I love grooving to them on occasion. However, 100+ bucks for their NYE show??? Not to mention this "Strobo Trip" toy they are producing, most likely in China and going to be selling soon for probably more than the show costs. I mean, come on guys it's a cheap plastic top with discs that display art (supposedly "designed by the band", which makes sense because it seems to equate to their music which more and more is just a desperate attempt to be "trippy") and a likely even cheaper "strobe" light which is just a flashlight that blinks.

Also their heavy push to market a 6 hour song, just like the album they produced which had to be simultaneously played on multiple decks. It's all just gimmicks, there seems to be no real artistic value in it. Groups like the ABB and what not, put out 40+ minute jams because it was where the music was taking them, not because it was SOOO INSANE to market a 6 hour track to 17 year old kids who want to eat acid.

Bands like Floyd blew minds because what they made touched to highest and lowest of human emotion, thought, life & death, time & space, and everything in between. These bands were amazing not because they were trying to be "omg soooo psychedelic", they were artists because what they created hit home.

I don't know guys, stop me if you think I'm incorrect but FUCK how hard can they try?

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