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Starscape Festival 2011: Bassnectar, Lotus, Infected Mushroom
6/3/2011 08:02 PM

I agree with Ktown. This lineup is great. I wasn't even going to go to anymore Starscapes (I'm an OLD raver), but this lineup changed my mind in a matter of seconds. Infected Mushroom, Bassnectar and Rabbit Live on the main stage are all worth the price of admission. I once told myself that those three shows were the best EDM performances I've ever seen. And then Starscape promoters end up booking them all to one event (big money, right there). And Steve Aoki, Donald Glaude and Charles Feelgood are legends of techno and house music, the roots of the entire electronic dance music scene. Want to have an amazingly good time? Then get close to the stage for those three DJ's. Pure energy!

Now, I can understand if there are a few upset people from the non-raving community, like Biscuit fans and fans of more traditional music (aka, with acoustic instruments). The lineup this year definitely favors the Ravers and the underground electronic music scene.

Whether it's old school electronica, or the newer styles at the Bass and Dub stages, there's something for every generation of raver. By the way, for Dub kids, Bassnectar is certainly a must, but be sure to check out Datsik. Saw him in DC last year and he rocked.

And for those who assumed it wouldn't sell out. Ha! Sound out quick as hell this year.

6/7/2011 04:05 PM

Ktown. Just got back from Starscape. Earlier you said, "security isn't bad but they are doing pat downs really good like last year. The police are there just to keep order and don't fuck with ppl unless you fuck with them."

Well, what do you think after this last one? Cops were still cool, but security was way over the top, aggressive, invasive... worse than anything I've seen from DEA or arrogant cops. Saw five of them trying to chase down some kid in the woods. I'd be surprised if the kid didn't get serious hurt. Security were like hunters going after wild animals - it was sickening to watch. Just five minutes prior, four security guys rousted some kid, went through all of his stuff for ten minutes before FINALLY finding a small one-hitter with nothing in it. Said they thought they 'saw him put something in his bag'. Really, what else would you do with a backpack BUT put something in it, or take something out? Morons. Kid got pissed cause it was the second time he was searched since being on premises (in addition to the very thorough initial gate search). They kicked him out. Punks.

Everything else about the event was better than ever before. Stages were better, sound system, lights and effects, stage performances, etc. But security was nothing but Bad Vibes. Will never attend a Steez event again.

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