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3rd Bisco Inferno In May Rusko, Big Boi, BoomBox
2/21/2011 01:00 PM

lanceuphisbutt3 2/18/2011 10:16 PM • [Report Abuse]

THESE infernos bring on the sickest, hottest, highest temperatures heat(s) to the plate, on the table.

TdB know how (and when to kick ass and) get the high crowd HOT FROM the hot and heavy HEAT of the shows. These guy$ bring on the heat like no other and make the (s)trippers see ghosts brother. It be a trip for the spring an summer. Brownstain up dui in his Hummer. Bring (it) on. GINfernos YO

We love y'all

Lay off the shards breh before you become a vegetable. You sound like a retard.

2/22/2011 10:12 AM

lance your comments on jambase are becomming less annoying and more worrysome... you need help.

On another note... The disco biscuits have never been the best band at any event they've hosted... they're always outshined. They do throw a party though.

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